Sales in Holland and Belgium
In Holland and Belgium we sell directly to the end users of our products.
The last ten years De Waal Staal BV has strongly focussed on the growth in export.
The result is that our company is now present with its products in more then 20 countries.
Also in the export countries we work with our customers as partners and together with them
we search for the best product types to supply their market.
If you have questions about our export activities please contact our office. 
One of the most important items of our company mission is quality.
To make sure that the daily supplied products are of a constant quality level our employees check
the incomming and in-house produced products through drawn up procedures.  The products that
are ready to be send to our customers are randomly checked before shipping.
Delivery in Holland and Belgium
On fixed days of the week we supply our customers length goods through a carefully thougth-out  
network. This gives us the possibility to (when needed) supply our customers more times per week.
Small bundles, boxes and palletised goods can be supplied every day of the week. 

Export delivery 
Our export customers are consulted about the best way of transport for their ordered goods.
Special customer wishes
It can well be that a customer can not find exactly the product that he needs. We are willing to
discuss the production of new products or existing products in a special execution.  
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